warpx.io OS 1.2.0 released

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We are glad to announce that warpx.io OS 1.2.0 release is now available! Main changes for this release are: based on Yocto ‘rocko’ 2.4 (final ‘rocko’ release expected end of…

Warpx Team @ Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017

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Hey guys, the Warpx team will be at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Prague – October 23 – 25. We’ll be at the poster…

Debugging a warp board that won’t turn on

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While working with warp it is possible that you accidentally put the board into a state where it will not boot. There are a variety of reasons this can happen…

Easy OS upgrades with SWUpdate

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Introduction As we have shown at ELC2017, we integrated an easy way for warp_0x01 users to upgrade the OS installed in their boards. Thanks to the nice features provided by…

Thanks for coming to ELC2017 in Portland!

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Thanks to everyone that came by to see our demo at ELC! We had a lot of fun talking to everyone and hope that you’ll join our community. We’ll be…

Warpx at ELC 2017

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We will have the warp_0x01 ultra small form factor application processor on display at the 2017 Embedded Linux Conference in Portland Oregon, February 21-23 2017.

Prototype a thermostat with warp_0x01

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In this post we present how to prototype a simple thermostat with warp_0x01 using the new 2.2” small display and the new tiny interposer. Both the display and interposer are included…

New 2.2” Display and Interposer bundle available!

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The new 2.2” display featuring resistive touch, bundled with a new small interposer is out! Available now here. This set up allows prototyping of small powerful devices featuring UI. A front…

Warp | Yocto Linux – Accessing the serial console

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We’ve put together various HOWTO videos that should help you get to the serial console on different OSes with different configurations, (Warp standalone or via the Interposer board). We’ve covered…

Warp | Yocto Linux – Connect to WiFi Network

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To get warp connected to the Internet quickly, the Yocto Linux release for warp conveniently has a shell script: /home/root/wifi_connect, which enables you to get connected to a nearby WiFi…

Warp in the news – Electronic Design

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Tiny Module Supports Wearable Technology Aug 12, 2016 by William Wong in alt.embedded  

Power-on and boot Warp via the Interposer

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In this video, we show how to properly power-on, boot Warp via the Interposer, and log in at the serial console on a Mac using minicom. See the video in…

Connect/Disconnect Warp and Interposer boards

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The Warp does have a best practice to be connected and disconnected from the Interposer board. See the video in this post to learn more.

New small-footprint display options coming to Warp

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One of the great features of Warp is the ability to render a fully graphical UI. Of course this requires a screen and its subsequently one of the most common questions…

WTC 2016 2.4″ LCD Module for Warp now available

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At WTC 2016 we showed Warp connected to a 2.4″ LCD module and got some great feedback about it. The display is pretty compact and has a nice 320×240 resolution…

Talk at IdeaWorks in Fresno (CA)

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Some of us have been invited to talk about warpx.io in Fresno (CA) at the IdeaWorks. The event was part of the Java User Group. We have a 3 hour intense…

Connecting your MAC to the warp serial console.

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In this post we will cover how to connect your Mac to the warp using the serial console if your warp is programmed with Yocto. There are two possible configurations: you…

RNDIS Driver for El Capitan

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For using the multi_gadget functionality of Linux kernel of warp on Mac OSX El Capitan, install HoRNDIS rel8pre1. It is not yet an official release (so it is not trusted…

July 19, 2016, Wearables TechCon 2016 / WTC

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> warpx.io Community Releases Warp for Developers, Makers and Innovators to Accelerate Product Development through Rapid Prototyping of Wearables and Small IoT Devices