July 19, 2016, Wearables TechCon 2016 / WTC

By July 19, 2016Press Release

> warpx.io Community Releases Warp for Developers, Makers and Innovators to Accelerate Product Development through Rapid Prototyping of Wearables and Small IoT Devices

2016 Wearables TechCon

San Jose, California, July 19, 2016 ­ Warpx.io launches a new community website and announces availability of Warp, a small­form factor development platform for developing wearables and IoT devices.

In order to create small form­-factor electronics for wearables and IoT devices, designers face a challenge today which requires a careful balance of size vs performance while considering factors like battery life, connectivity, and user interface. Because of this complexity, developing even just prototypes in form­factor for design validation can consume considerable initial investment and result in long development cycles.

To solve these challenges, we developed Warp, an ultra small form­-factor embedded system aimed towards IoT and wearable developers, innovators, and makers. The board is an embedded development platform with the NXP 1Ghz ARM Cortex­-A9 CPU, LP­DDR2 memory, on­board flash storage, WiFi+BT, and sensors. It is Linux and Android capable and can drive a variety of displays ranging from LCDs to electronic paper displays. The size is a mere 16mm x 38mm making it one of the smallest embedded systems available to developers today.

Like other development boards including Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Warp aims to be a platform upon which designs can extend its functionality by adding sensors and application specific payloads. It can be used to prototype, validate design concepts early in the development cycle, and even used in end devices all while helping to reduce time and minimize cost barriers traditionally associated with such devices.

Warp is shipping today starting from $149. For more information, visit http://warpx.io

About warpx.io

Warpx.io (http://warpx.io) is a community hub for the Warp platform. The core team includes a
passionate group of hardware and software engineers and developers who are excited to collaborate with other like­minded people to enable wearable and IoT communities to quickly test, validate and build new high­-tech products.

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