Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Warp board?

WaRP is a small form factor development platform / reference design aimed at innovators and developers creating wearables and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. Sports activity bands, and smartwatches are abundant, but those barely touch the surface of what’s possible with wearable computing and IoT. With so many great applications yet to been realized, now is the opportunity to innovate and develop new ideas. WaRP can help you make your idea a reality.

What is the Interposer board?

The Warp Interposer Development Board is designed to allow easy development with the Warp SBC.


– Connect to Warp board, providing USB based serial console access

– Brings out most interfaces to standard (0.1″) pins

– Attach a battery or use an external power supply for continuous development

– Push buttons provided for development

– Boot Mode jumper (BM0) for serial boot loader access.

– Monitor serial traffic between warp and daughter board

– Status LED to show if connected battery level is too low

Who designs, manufactures, sells and supports the Warp board?

Original designers are Revo and Kynetics respectively, in charge of hardware and software. However now the community wants to be the point of reference for any developer or professional who needs support.

Who owns the design of Warp board?

Warp is totally open – schematics, BOM (released with Creative Common License) and software, which include different open source licenses. You can freely customize and redesign the warp_0x01 with no obligations towards the original designers.


Is the Warp board available?

Yes! You can order your Warp board from here.

What OS and kernel versions are supported today?

Warp supports both Linux and Android. We are currently shipping boards with Linux kernel 4.1 running Yocto Linux. We also have Android running on warp but this requires a display.

What is the Yocto Project?

The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products regardless of the hardware architecture. It was founded in 2010 as a collaboration among many hardware manufacturers, open-source operating systems vendors, and electronics companies to bring some order to the chaos of embedded Linux development. Learn more at

Do I need an Interposer board to develop?

Warp can run without the Interposer board, but because it’s so small, it can be difficult to work with warp especially during early development and prototyping. We developed the Interposer to make it easier to work with this platform.

I’m lazy. Are there binary images available?

Yup, our resources page *should* have the files you’re looking for. Let us know if you can’t find something.

Where can I find initial support?

The warpx mailing list / google group is a good place to start. You can join the community discussion there. The questions that you have may already be answered.

We also offer commercial support to customers looking for design and integration support. Contact us for further information.

Can I contribute?

Yes definitely! You can find our codebase on github.  Also, join the mailing list to share and contribute with the community and other warp developers.

Can I engage with the core team for a special design or customization?

Yes we offer commercial design support.  Contact us.

Buying and Shipping

Can I resell the Warp and Interposer boards?

Yes.  If you’d like to become a distributor, contact for more details.