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Warpx Team @ Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017

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Hey guys, the Warpx team will be at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Prague – October 23 – 25. We’ll be at the poster session. We are looking forward to meeting the community and newcomers!

ELC is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. Now in its 12th year, the conference gathers user-space developers, product vendors, kernel and systems developers to collaborate.

If you’d like to know more about show, see the event page.

Don’t forget our Embedded Linux Conference Europe special to get warp for $99! Use code: #elc2017

Warpx Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017 poster

Download a copy of the above ELC Europe 2017 technical information here.

New small-footprint display options coming to Warp

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One of the great features of Warp is the ability to render a fully graphical UI. Of course this requires a screen and its subsequently one of the most common questions we get: what screens are availability? Back when we originally designed Warp, we paired it with a nice, but rather expensive 1.54″ MIPI display. While it was a great display it was made obsolete so many of the product driven components out there. But, not to worry, we have some great alternatives in the works. Here’s a sneak peek!

lcd_vs_warp  Screenshot 2016-08-13 17.04.46

This first one will be based around a 2.2″ LCD with a resolution of 320 x 240 and a resistive touch screen. As one of the smaller displays this measures in at about 40mm x 55mm. To mount warp, we’re developing a carrier board that will fit behind the display, and Warp will click into it. The carrier board allows the display to be attached to warp along with the touch panel, but it’ll do more than just that. It brings out some of the common interfaces you would typically find on our much larger Interposer Development board.  The small form factor carrier board adds features like USB serial console, boot mode pin access, as well as a nice collection of I/O enabling the pair (Warp + LCD) to be extended with a custom board.

The I/O pads can be populated with either a right angle header or a vertical SMT headers making it easy to work with.


We’ll be getting our first batch of these in soon so keep checking back. Let us know your thoughts and what you might want to do with this LCD module!


WTC 2016 2.4″ LCD Module for Warp now available

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At WTC 2016 we showed Warp connected to a 2.4″ LCD module and got some great feedback about it. The display is pretty compact and has a nice 320×240 resolution so it is a great display for IoT projects. Even though the interface is SPI, it’s plenty fast and should work great for user interfaces. This display module is now available over at the Revotics store.

wtc2016_warp_2.4lcd_interposer   2.4_module_perspective

There is a wiring diagram (check the product page link in the store) which shows how to connect this LCD module to Warp via the Interposer Development Board. The Linux kernel that ships with Warp already has support for this display so once it’s wired up, it’ll just work.

One great way to get a UI up for your device is using Python with Qt. Qt is a popular GUI library and Warp ships with Python and the PyQt5 module so you can get something on the display with just a few lines of Python. We’ll post more about this soon.

We also have some cool developments for displays going on so keep you eyes out for that post!