> warpx.io is the /home for developers, professionals and enthusiasts working with and contributing to our community project.
> we realized the need for a platform and reference design that allows makers and professionals to #buildfast proof of concepts, reducing dev time and cost.
> we developed a springboard for small form-factor prototypes, allowing companies to prove their concepts before investing resources.
> warp is completely open source: software, hardware, schematics, and BOM.

warp board dimensions (mm) Warp is a small form-factor, embedded system designed around an architecture we’ve developed called Hybrid Design. Built to pave the way for the development of small and powerful computing platforms, warp is designed for wearables, sensors, and IoT devices.  And, as a fully open-source platform, it can be directly integrated into a final design.

> how to get started

First, join the community discussion on our warpx Google Groups mailing list. See whats new with warp, find answers to your questions, and collaborate with developers and the community.

On the software side warp is, at its core, just another Linux embedded system. No particular software or tools are required to develop with warp, and you can leverage everything from scripting languages like python to full development with any language like Java. Of course, the underlying system is all open as well and you can get it from our GitHub repository.

For the hardware designer, warp makes it easy to integrate peripherals such as sensors through its Hybrid Design architecture and the available development tools make prototyping fast and easy.

Warp and accessories are available today, here.

> what’s Hybrid Design?

The Hybrid Design Architecture (HDA) combines the power of an application processor with the ease-of-use of micro-controllers. Warp is the reusable workhorse enabling powerful applications to be developed in tiny form factors while allowing hardware developers to extend application specific capabilities through custom daughter boards. An API contract defined between software and hardware developers allow the two teams to collaborate effectively.

HDA embraces rapid prototyping at it’s heart allowing hardware and software developers to truly work in concert and in a parallel.

warpx.io is the community hub and /home for developers, professionals, enthusiasts and the like, joining together to contribute and build our community.

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